About Us


Alster International Shipping Services, Inc. (Alster) is in existence as a duly registered company with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 25 May 1988 and was officially issued a License to Operate as a Manning Agency by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on 28 August 1988. With its profound experience strongly for twenty years, the results of hardships and dedication of all Alster personnel are evident. The company is ready to face the challenges over the following years embedding ourselves sincerely on the performance of our responsibilities and focus on our quality processes.

As a company, we are not just continuously improving. But we have also established The culture of responsibility and accountability that considers the risks that we have to face along the way. The concept of planning provides the company and the organization of its priorities for all its commitments.

The company recognizes the importance of quality services to all its employed individuals with emphasis on safety, protection of damage to property, and protection of the marine environment. Starting from the individual competencies and practices, to a team effort, blending with the management systems, making constant practice, to a responsible manning and seafaring culture ensuring satisfaction of our customers are quality strategies. We make it a point to consider our social responsibility, and shall take pride in the goodness that we have contributed for the betterment of the industry, our customers and our people.



For many years, outstanding management expertise and highly qualified staff has been gathered to create a foundation, which finally represents one of the foremost manning agencies.

ALSTER’s highly trained employees provide seafarers and their families, a friendly and specialized support.

The Company’s growth is based on client’s satisfaction and is centered on its core business philosophy.

We worked hard to get where we are, and we are going to continue developing resources that will support the prosperity for the future generation.



We are flexible on the focus of Human Resource as the core of our business. Our expertise lies in providing tailor-\made services for every client within the spectrum of acceptable norms, in order not to compromise on Quality or competence of our intended operations.

Constant response to the changing needs of our clients, through system development and openness would turn the company into a growing force in the industry.