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Alster Team Building 2011 – Boracay

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We are all lifelong learners and continue to add to our methods and styles as we learn new thoughts, ideas, and concepts by teambuilding strategies. The Company had its successful Teambuilding Activity last May 6-8, 2011 in Boracay, Aklan facilitated by the company’s Training Manager.

The teambuilding activities helped the teams build cohesion and work through a common goal. The activity became a tool for all employees to explore and discover the uniqueness of each other and provided opportunities for the employees to combine their abilities with the awareness to develop real cooperation and trust within the team.

Each employee participated and pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones to be able to grow and learn about themselves. The activity had provided each of them to different levels of commitment. The Four “H” Full Value Contract had all them to pledge their heads to clear group problem solving and participation, their heart to care for other members of their team, their hands to work with other team for a common purpose, and their health towards keeping a positive atmosphere in the team.

The Five-Finger Full Value Contract emphasized that each finger of the hand represents various team important values. The Pinky Finger represents the need for us all to watch out for “the little fellow”. The Ring Finger represents a commitment made to the team. Each person has made a commitment to do their best for the activity and to support other team members. The Middle Finger represents the idea that the team will agree to not “discount” each other. This includes refraining from inappropriate language and respecting all members of the team. The Pointer Finger represents a reminder to the team to point out the positive outcomes that the team notices. This reminds each of them not to point the finger of blame on other members. The Thumb’s up represents the idea that the team is going to have fun!

The Being Full Value Contract required each team simple drawing of a person was created on a large piece of paper by tracing one of the participants. This being is a representation of the team as a whole. Participants individually contribute values that they think are important to uphold as a team. These values are added to the inside of the being. As the discussion progressed, the team members write aspects of team values that they would like to leave out of their community such as negative behaviors and traits on the outside part of the being.

Other activities such as Group Juggle, One Hymn, One Step for St. Patrick’s Polka, and Tug Teams have made further interest for all employees to contribute and participate to the best of their ability. The presence of real teamwork is justified by the employees’ motivated participation. With the commitment from the company’s top management and employees, the activity was a success.

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