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The existence of Alster International Shipping Services, Inc. in 1998 until now is the result of hardwork and dedication that brought this company to where it is today. Being part of the team, I encourage you to maintain your committment in delivering best quality services to our clients. These qualities (teamwork and]]>
My Dear Colleagues,

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The existence of Alster International Shipping Services, Inc. in 1998 until now is the result of hardwork and dedication that brought this company to where it is today.

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Being part of the team, I encourage you to maintain your committment in delivering best quality services to our clients. These qualities (teamwork and dedication) made us seasoned to overcome current and future challenges.

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Let us always do our best in the performance of our duties in compliance to our company policies for us to always exceed the expectations of our customers.

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We have reaped the fruits of our labour. And that is the sustained trust and confidence that our principals have given to us. The company serves by the union of your individual discipline setting as an example in all our undertakings and creating a workforce backed up by values of motivation, dedication, and the ability to face the challenges even beyond the margins of your comfort zone.

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It is remarkable that our success if fully manifested by our attained culture. The culture of responsibility and accountability by the careful management of risks that we face along the way.

Keep being dynamic for us to succeed with this challenges and generate more opportunities to Filipinos.

Always have a blessed day!

alsterph <![CDATA[Alster Gets Even Better At 20]]> http://localhost/wordpress/?p=558 2015-11-16T21:14:50Z more info here
Amidst the significant developments happening in the manning and crewing business, Alster International Shipping Services, Inc. remains at the forefront by innovating relevant policies and programs that aim not only to be at par but ahead of the competition.

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Celebrating its 20th year of crewing excellence, Alster continues to be one of the highly–regarded manning and crewing agencies in the country. Through the years, the company is steadfast in its commitment to provide good employment opportunities and benefits to Filipino seafarers.

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Having just marked its 20th year in the business on August 28, 2008, Alster can truly take pride of the fact that excellence and quality have carried it all the way to the top of the coporate ladder of success. After two decades of thriving in a competitive business environment, Alster is now regarded as being in the class of some of the country’s most reputable manning and crewing agencies, with more elbow room for continued growth in the future.

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Physically mirroring the metamorphosis of Alster into a bankable bastion of quality crewing is the company’s newly renovated and sophisticatedly-looking offices at the 2053 Building along Edison Street in Makati City. From merely occupying average and typically-looking manning offices not too long ago, the interior offices of Alster Shipping have been transformed into a stylish and ultra-modern workplace complete with appropriate furniture and equipment, which can surely give the classy offices of international advertising firms a run for their money.

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We are proud that Alster is a hands-on Manning and Crewing Agency. We go the extra mile to ensure we provide for the needs of our Filipino seafarers and their families even as we continue to evolve and strive to meet the expectations, not to mention the high standards of our principals.

More than ourselves and the office personnel of Alster, the substantial amount we poured in transforming our workplace to become what it is today is actually meant to serve our Filipino seafarers better. We only want to give the best for them and their families so we made the extra effort to ensure that they will get to feel at home in Alster.

In addition to providing excellent and quality maritime services to Filipino seafarers, we offer one of the most competitive remuneration packages in the maritime industry. We also provide our seafarers and their families with comprehensive health care benefits. We also have a program that extends financial assistance to our seafarers who may need of such.

alsterph <![CDATA[Alster Team Building 2011 – Boracay]]> http://localhost/wordpress/?p=194 2015-11-16T21:15:47Z 2014-04-22T05:54:52Z We are all lifelong learners and continue to add to our methods and styles as we learn new thoughts, ideas, and concepts by teambuilding strategies. The Company had its successful Teambuilding Activity last May 6-8, 2011 in Boracay, Aklan facilitated by the company’s Training Manager.

The teambuilding activities helped the teams build cohesion and work through a common goal. The activity became a tool for all employees to explore and discover the uniqueness of each other and provided opportunities for the employees to combine their abilities with the awareness to develop real cooperation and trust within the team.

Each employee participated and pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones to be able to grow and learn about themselves. The activity had provided each of them to different levels of commitment. The Four “H” Full Value Contract had all them to pledge their heads to clear group problem solving and participation, their heart to care for other members of their team, their hands to work with other team for a common purpose, and their health towards keeping a positive atmosphere in the team.

The Five-Finger Full Value Contract emphasized that each finger of the hand represents various team important values. The Pinky Finger represents the need for us all to watch out for “the little fellow”. The Ring Finger represents a commitment made to the team. Each person has made a commitment to do their best for the activity and to support other team members. The Middle Finger represents the idea that the team will agree to not “discount” each other. This includes refraining from inappropriate language and respecting all members of the team. The Pointer Finger represents a reminder to the team to point out the positive outcomes that the team notices. This reminds each of them not to point the finger of blame on other members. The Thumb’s up represents the idea that the team is going to have fun!

The Being Full Value Contract required each team simple drawing of a person was created on a large piece of paper by tracing one of the participants. This being is a representation of the team as a whole. Participants individually contribute values that they think are important to uphold as a team. These values are added to the inside of the being. As the discussion progressed, the team members write aspects of team values that they would like to leave out of their community such as negative behaviors and traits on the outside part of the being.

Other activities such as Group Juggle, One Hymn, One Step for St. Patrick’s Polka, and Tug Teams have made further interest for all employees to contribute and participate to the best of their ability. The presence of real teamwork is justified by the employees’ motivated participation. With the commitment from the company’s top management and employees, the activity was a success.

alsterph <![CDATA[Alster Sea Jobs – Trabahong Seaman Online!]]> http://localhost/wordpress/?p=91 2015-11-16T21:15:19Z 2014-04-14T06:51:49Z We are proud to announce that Alster Sea Jobs Site is now available online!

Alster SeaJobs is a Seaman Job site dedicated in helping Filipino Seafarers seeking Jobs at Sea. Qualified Seaman may apply online or search for our seajobs database for various job offerings posted in our website.

To apply visit our webiste: Seajobs